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Our boxes

We love our roses and you can see this if you take a look at our work.

Our boxes are the expressions of your creativity and you can let your imagination lose when arranging the boxes. We are always looking for innovative ideas and arrange our boxes according to the customers‘ wishes. High quality is important for us. So you can keep on using your Billion Roses Box not only as a rose box but also as exclusive decoration or e.g. as a jewellery box later on.

Handpicked roses

Billion Roses are handpicked and only the best ones are used for the Billion Roses boxes. Thanks to this selection process, the Billion Roses last for 5-7 days. You must not water the Billion Roses as the fresh roses are shipped sticked into a special sponge.

Infinity Rose Box (Klicken Sie auf das Bild)

Infinity Ring & Visitcard Box

Die Infinity Rose besteht aus einer wunderschönen Blumenbox. Dank dem Haltbarkeit-Prozess, man kann die Billion Roses Infinity Rosen 100 mal länger bewundern als die frischen Rosen. Das heißt, daß sie auch nach 3-4 Jahren wie frische Rosen aussehen.

Delivery information

After you place your order, you will receive an e-mail confirmation. Your Billion Roses by Blanche Box will arrive within 48 hours with express delivery on weekdays. If you order before 10 am, you might receive your Billion Roses Box within the next 48 hours. We deliver throughout Austria and the delivery and packaging fee amounts to € 15, also we all over Europe too for € 20.

Good to know: Some roses may be out of stock at times. Your roses will be ordered as soon as possible. We will keep you posted in e-mail.

Sehr geehrter Kunde!

Sollten Sie Fragen oder spezielle Wünsche haben, bitte senden Sie uns eine Email an: info@billionroses.at - Wir stehen immer gerne zu Ihrer Verfügung.

Billion Roses by Blanche Team